Company Background

AsiaTemp Glass Corp. is a glass processing company established in June 2011 to meet the ever increasing demand from the construction, manufacturing and furniture industries for processed glass products. We provide quality tempering, heat strengthening and polishing services for wholesale, retail, architectural and industrial needs nationwide. AsiaTemp Glass Corp. is a sister company of Asia Glass Palace Incorporated, known as one of the leading glass and aluminum specialists in the Philippines.


AsiaTemp Glass Corp. owns one of the largest tempering furnace in the Philippines, producing quality tempered glass at faster speeds. Our modern computerized manufacturing facility includes a European Tamglass Furnace that produces tempered glass that meets the highest standards of safety by the European standards (EN 121501:2000) and those of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI z97.12004). Tamglass is known to be the leading brand producing tempering furnaces, thus our clients are assured of the efficiency of our services. We process a wide range of 6mm to 19mm glass- from clear, tinted, figured, reflective to low-E glass, with sizes ranging from 2″ and beyond.